If you are in high school and have decided that you want to go on and get a four year degree, you have made the first step toward what can be a very successful career choice for you. Your high school pick-up schedule is going to be your major deciding factor for what college you go to. There are some very good options out there for you as a high school junior. Here are a few things to look at with regard to your high school pick-up schedule.

One of the first decisions you will need to make is what career path you want to take. You may decide that you want to get into college to get a degree and begin a career or you may want to begin a career but you are uncertain what you want to do. Many young people get caught up in what they think they want to do and never make any serious career decisions. A high school pick-up schedule can really help you make those career decisions and also help you make the right career choices.

The career choices that are open to you as a high school junior are almost limitless

One of the most popular choices for a high school junior who wants to major in something is electronics. With the availability of all sorts of high definition televisions, laptops, and other electronics, there are an amazing amount of choices when it comes to careers related to electronics. Computer science and electrical engineering are two very good choices for a high school junior who is interested in a computer science degree.

Career options in the health field are also extremely diverse. A medical career is one that gives you plenty of options for earning money. However, the starting salaries for medical careers aren’t usually very high. You might consider pursuing another career path such as nursing or working in the retail industry. Jobs in these fields pay more and you’ll always be getting plenty of job security. If you’re still in high school, you may want to think about taking classes related to business administration or even international relations so that you can have a wide range of career options once you start college.

Business is a career

Something that allows you to work for yourself or with big companies from your own home. There are many different businesses that offer their employees part time hours and flexible schedules. A good part time job like customer service at a store or fast food restaurant can provide you with experience for getting into a regular career as you’re still in high school. Part time jobs that require little or no experience are also available at large chain restaurants.

One of the best ways for high school juniors to find out what career options are available to them is to do research on the internet. There are several websites that are made just for high school junior looking to get a head start on their career. They will allow you to enter your interests and other information about your interests so that you can determine exactly which career path is right for you. They also have information about which fields are hiring and how much competition is there.